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HORIZ exists for your comfort

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Dreams Begin Here

A house becomes a home when we turn our living spaces into places where dreams can flow freely. HORIZ’s furniture collections are blank canvases for you to express yourself, so you can celebrate life’s most important moments with those you love most.

Who We Are

HORIZ is a group of people who believe in the quality and potential of natural Thai latex. We create comfy, functional furniture, while consciously supporting local agricultural workers.

We’re redefining comfort as we go, growing beyond latex mattress production and finding ways for natural latex to bring you even more comfort.

“HORIZ = Happiness on the Horizon”


There is always value in waste

Sustainability has always   been at the heart of what we do. Furniture production can be very wasteful if it’s done without caring for the environment. So we repurpose anything that   we can, from natural latex to wood, to ensure that everything that comes from nature, goes back to nature without burdening it.

We also believe in making sustainable furniture functional and aesthetic, because people will only use something if it really works. And if more people use eco-friendly furniture, then we’re successfully bringing society closer to sustainability.

Find your new cozy buddy

Happiness on the Horizon


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