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HD Latex

HORIZ latex is crafted into our HD mattress layers, that when combined deliver a feel that's both firm and soft. High-definition comfort combines with a high-density latex structure able to absorb and evenly distribute weight. This ensures good spinal alignment, reduces 'pressure points', and creates the perfect level of comfort.

Only Horiz HD Latex produces a unique floating sensation that'll feel firm at first but softer once in bed. Individual latex layers help keep your back properly aligned and lessen the likelihood of uncomfortable 'pressure points'. All that's left to do is tuck yourself in for a perfect night's sleep.

Height 8 inch. 
Size 3 ft.  - 33,000 ฿
Size 5 ft. - 54,000   ฿
Size 3.5 ft. - 38,000 ฿
Size 6 ft. - 66,000 ฿

Syntec X

Syntec X delivers the best of both worlds: Latex foam layers are combined with individual pocket springs to produce a soft, buoyant mattress feel. Each spring compresses independently, and is thus able to deliver variable support across the sleep surface.

Syntec X equals hybrid sleep performance that combines latex foam and individual pocket springs. The soft, bouncy feel of this mattress will make every night in bed a joy.

Height 10 inch. 
Size 3 ft.  - 15,000 ฿
Size 5 ft. - 25,000   ฿
Size 3.5 ft. - 18,000 ฿
Size 6 ft. - 30,000 ฿


HORIZ latex is compressed into a durable mattress base for firm, dependable support. Premium latex foam is used within the Blisso top layer to provide a soft, comfortable mattress feel.​

The essentials for good sleep start with comfort, support, and breathability. Our special latex formula is compressed into a durable supportive base with a latex foam top layer for softness.

Height 8 inch. 
Size 3 ft.  - 16,000 ฿
Size 5 ft. - 26,000   ฿
Size 3.5 ft. - 19,000 ฿
Size 6 ft. - 32,000 ฿

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