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A formless, blank canvas for you to express yourself.

GON is a series of multifunctional furniture that morphs to fit into any living space. Meaning "lump" or "chunk" in Thai, GON is designed to support your every movement.


Unique Texture & Feel

GON is made of natural micro latex, which is one of the most comfy, breathable, and durable substances on the planet. The perfect balance between firmness and softness means you'll be supported left, right, and center instead of sinking in too deep and finding it hard to get up.

After using GON for some time, it may morph into the shape it was used in. To "reset" GON,   simply give it a few light shakes and taps, and it'll come back to its formless shape.

Endless Functionality

GON can be a chair, a table, a cushion, or simply a new family friend. Place it anywhere to enrich your living spaces with a buddy that's always there when you need them. Our range ofcolors and customization options ensures you'll get the most out of your new formless companion, no matter the usage.

Gon Set  B - 14,600  ฿

Glom Size M  -  8,000 ฿

Our Sustainability Promise

We only use natural Thai latex, which is biodegradable and chemical-free. GON is also entirelymade out of excess, leftover materials from the mattress production industry. This helps reduce wastage by allowing these materials to be used to their full potential, instead of just discarding them.

GON is also extremely durable, and needs very little maintenance. Compared to similar products like bean bags, it doesn’t need frequent refilling either, meaning you'll have an eco-friendly piece of furniture that will retain its shape for years to come.

"Redefining comfort as we go"





Size SS  (W.24"xD.12"xH.12") 
 -    3,800 ฿
Size M     (W.24"xD.24"xH.12")
 -    6,500 ฿
Size S     (W.24"xD.24"xH.6")    
 -    3,800 ฿
Size L    (W.24"xD.36"xH.12")    
 -    9,000 ฿


Size S       (W.30"xD.30"xH.6")    
 -    5,000 ฿
Size M     (W.30"xD.30"xH.12") 
 -    8,000 ฿
Size L      (W.36"xD.36"xH.12") 
 -    11,400 ฿
408114502_854212230042758_1323282602272837716_n (1).jpg


Size S     (W.24"xD.30"xH.24")
 -    3,300 ฿
Size L      (W.36"xD.48"xH.36")
 -    8,700 ฿
Size M     (W.30"xD.42"xH.30")
 -    6,200 ฿


Size     W.24"xD.12"xH.18"   
 -    3,400 ฿

Upgrade your comfort, elevate your savings , where buying a GON set means affordable luxury for a relaxing retreat.

Set A - 11,200 ฿ 

Liam L + Tri

Set B    - 14,600 ฿ 

Liam L + Liam SS + Tri

Set C    - 17,000 ฿ 

Liam L + Liam M + Tri

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