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Set C (Liam L + Tri + Liam M)


This is as close to a comfy, natural latex bed as you can get. Set C gives you the basic Liam L and Tri, and adds Liam M, which allows you to rest your whole legs together with your body. The only warning is you might fall asleep and won’t get much done throughout the day (We literally dozed off when testing this set out).


Product detail

Dimension :

Liam L - W.24 x D.36 x H.12
Tri - W.24 x D.12 x H.18
Liam M - W.24 x D.24 x H.12

Care guide :

Avoid contact with water, and please watch out for their weight! They're a bit heavier than they look (except Tri, because Tri's a small boi).

Your GON might appear 2-3 inches bigger than the specified dimensions. Natural micro latex is quite fluffy and can slightly expand.

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