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Set B (Liam L + Tri + Liam SS)


Basically Set A with an added footrest, for those extra lazy moments. Set B combines Liam L and Tri with our smallest Liam SS for ultimate comfort. Place them against any sturdy wall, and enjoy a relaxing reading session, or a few minutes (or hours) of binge-watching your favorite series.


Product detail

Dimension :

Liam L - W.24 x D.36 x H.12
Tri - W.24 x D.12 x H.18
Liam SS - W.24 x D.12 x H.12

Care guide :

Avoid contact with water, and please watch out for their weight! They're a bit heavier than they look (except Tri, because Tri's a small boi).

Your GON might appear 2-3 inches bigger than the specified dimensions. Natural micro latex is quite fluffy and can slightly expand.

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